Everything's bigger in Texas?

Really wishing I had saved howdy y'all for this post...BUT Zen Rojas is moving!!

We are relocating to Houston, TX.

So buckle up for new content because I am so excited to share our favorite restaurants along with a whole new chapter of content.

What does this mean for Zen Rojas?

Truthfully, nothing. At least nothing bad. This move is a new inspiration that I believe we will both love. When we first visited, it was the start of the transition out of the military and I wish I knew how much went into actually buying a house and moving across the country!

My goals are lake trips, downtown trips, and as mentioned before LOTS of food. As we adjust I know that the adventures will grow but for now lets relish in the unknown.

When we started looking my biggest concerns were how are the schools? Will I need to homeschool? Wheres the nearest Target? Is this the boonies? CALIFORNIA PROBLEMS. 

Next week I will be sharing our move with 2 under 3 and wishing for a speedy unpacking process... wish me luck!

If "y'all" have any recommendations PLEASE share with us.

Extra goodies for any help with places to explore!

Until next week, 

Ashley Rojas

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