• Exceptional aroma. Exceptional tea.

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What We Do

”We exist to deliver quality products and services in a synergistic and stress free manner that leaves all parties satisfied & zen.”

Based in Houston, TX

"The experience was overall great. The entire purchase was smooth and convenient. The shipment was fast and timely. I felt comfortable drinking the tea as a breastfeeding mom."

Edwina DuBoise

“I have bought it for a family friend and now my
cousin(who just gave birth this month). She's
been struggling with breastfeeding and the
tea gave her a successful breast feeding session today”

Max Caldwell

“Zen Rojas tea has helped me get rid of a sore throat and congestion. I mix the black tea and bodyguard.”

Diane Mercado

“Your sleep tea helped me so much with my
insomnia! 10 minutes after drinking it i was out. It tasted and smelled amazing, I will be
buying more! Thank you so much”

Mariah Acajabon

Smells and tastes amazing. Makes a great black tea lemonade.👍

Kelly Chase