Stress is a normal human reaction that we have all experienced. Some stress is good stress but how much is too much? 

According to a stress survey that the American Physiological Association collected in Oct 2022, roughly 76% of the U.S. population experienced health impacts due to stress within the last month.

The key stress symptoms they addressed were headaches coming in at 59% of the high stress individuals, fatigue at 35%, 34% experienced anxiousness, and 33% feeling depressed or sad.

Our Unwind blend is designed to focus on relieving stress and anxiety.

Lemon balm leaf has been used predating the 1500s to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep and improve appetite.

Before the Middle Ages it was also infused into wine to lift spirits.

Drinking even just 1 cup a day has been shown to induce tranquility and reduce stress in 70% of people.

Our Unwind Organic tea in my opinion is the perfect daytime version of our Organic Sleep tea blend. It relaxes you without taking you out for the day!

If you are interested in optimum stress relief chat with us for free goodies!

Until next week,

Ashley Rojas



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