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I wanted to give you a little preview of what’s to come. I am going to be giving a breakdown of why we chose the lineup we have and over the next 8 weeks you will get a deep dive into all 8 of our current blends and the health benefits of them so buckle up!

When we first launched we started with 5. Bodyguard, Green Tea, Heartburn, Ginger & Paw Paw, and Mothers Milk Support. We did the works! Got the samples, endless taste tests, seeing which teas went best with honey, lemon, if we liked them hot and cold, I think you get it.. (Honey and lemon are fantastic with them all but truthfully they don’t even need it). Over time we have added Black Tea, Unwind Tea, and Sleep Tea with more to come.

Let’s start with an absolute staple, Green Tea. We chose to add Green Tea to our line up because lets be honest how could we not! Its delicious, the health benefits are amazing, and we thought you would love it as well.


Heartburn, Our teas were picked shortly after our first daughter was born. During my pregnancy I had the WORST heartburn. Seriously, I felt like I had it all day everyday for 6 months. This tea is not pregnancy specific by any means though! I'm so sorry if you have heartburn regularly but on the bright side we have the solution.


Ginger & Paw Paw, This tea is another one that we chose based on pregnancy. Thankfully, I was one of the lucky ones who did not have morning sickness but I wanted us to be a one stop shop when it came to helping out other mommas. The main types of nausea this tea helps with is pregnancy nausea and chemotherapy treatment nausea. It even helps settle a hangover tummy.


Mothers Milk Support Tea, Last pregnancy specific one I promise! I breastfed with both of our girls and the first time around once things started to take a turn I felt defeated. I knew that they made all the cookies and teas but truthfully I had that little voice in my head telling me "what if it doesn't work..." So we added Mothers Milk Support Tea to our line up and it worked like a charm for our second kiddo. I wanted to be able to give other mommas the extra peace of mind with knowing this was an organic, ethically sourced product that actually worked.


Last and definitely a crowd favorite, Bodyguard. Back when Zen Rojas was only a goal in our brains the pandemic had just started. We had no idea what was going to happen but knew that we wanted to take action and give everyone a way to naturally support their immune system in all of the unknown.

We believed these teas covered all basis while still remaining something we would enjoy and they have proven to be the perfect fit for us. Same goes for the Unwind, Sleep Tea, and Black Tea.

We decided on Unwind because, Stress and anxiety is something almost everybody struggles with. Either from time to time or chronically and this blend is perfect. It relaxes you but not to the point where you're tired and actually gets to the root of the problem! 


Sleep Tea, this one is also pretty self explanatory. I was surprised to find out that there is over 80 sleeping disorders, insomnia being the most common. I'm sure we could all use some more sleep but if you suffer from a sleep disorder or not this tea is perfect for you. The main ingredients are chamomile and lavender which promote relaxation and a good nights rest. Just make sure you don't drink too much or you will absolutely be getting a good nights rest and then some😅


Black Tea, once again staple. Black tea is actually very common to help people wean off of coffee with a more natural caffeine source while some just love their sweet tea! I worked at In-N-Out for a little over 5 years right out of high school and developed a ridiculous caffeine dependency. I drank about 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day... Now i have reached the point where coffee is only drank on a craving or just sounds good basis. I can definitely tell the difference.


I hope this post finds you well 😌 

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