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If you're new here, Welcome! I am going to be going over one tea per week for the next 8 weeks. We here at Zen Rojas are mainly focused on stress management and providing you an exceptional product. Our slogan isn't "Exceptional aroma. Exceptional tea." for no reason! With each tea we have identified one ingredient that helps manage stress and we will be giving you all the facts. Scientific and interesting!


I am going to start with the Mothers Milk Support Tea because I was actually surprised for a common use for the key stress relief ingredient!

Being a new mom can be stressful. Being a breastfeeding mother can be even more stressful! Are they eating enough? Are they sleeping too much?

Fennel seeds possess the nutrients needed to aid and support the body's stress response.

The potassium in fennel seeds helps maintain your blood pressure and regulate your heart rate, keeping you calm and composed so you can tackle whatever life throws at you.

Our Mothers Milk Support Tea is blended to support breastfeeding mothers to achieve healthy breast milk production and lactation.

A key ingredient in this blend is Fennel Seed. Fennel seeds regulates blood pressure, removes toxins from our bodies, and increase milk secretion and blood levels of prolactin.

Absinthe is a famous beverage made of fennel, wormwood and anise. It was initially developed for medical purposes, but it soon became popular as an alcoholic drink...WHAT? 🤯

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