Big Texas

Originally our first daughter was going to be named Odessa after my grandmother but later down the line, here comes my sister in law saying she was going to call her "Big Texas" because Odessa is a city out here.. Never thought much of it before but now Texas isn't Texas. It’s "Big Texas" twang and all.

WE SURVIVED!! 2 diaper bags, 2 carseats, 5 checked bags, and 3 carry ons later.

Flying with 2 very active littles is STRESSFUL. Our little one decided she was going to scream for the first who knows how long but ill tell you what, it felt like FOREVER! We will not be flying anywhere again like ever! From our movers cancelling on us 2 days before and being delayed to a screaming baby, we may never move again..

You never know how much stuff you truly have until you have to pack up your entire existence and move across the country but seriously, who let my children have so much crap??? Villain of my own story here but geeeez.

Overall, this journey was one of the most stressful experiences thus far! It went as smooth as it was going to and thankfully its all over. Now for the adventure to begin!

Our next steps are drivers licenses, vehicle registration, learning the area, figuring out which of the bagillion utility companies to go with, and house shopping so wish us luck and stay tuned!

Getting used to the humidity is also at the top of my to do list 🤣

Below I have attached some pics of the girls. Isla looks bored and Kai looks like she was the best behaved baby in the world 🫠

Until next week,

Ashley Rojas


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