Boil the Billy

Happy Friday!

Let me just start by saying “Boil the Billy” may be one of my new favorite statements 🤣 and it’s Australian like all of our blends 🫶🏽

 This week I wanted to talk a bit about brewing. There are so many ways to get to that perfect cup of tea! Do you use a kettle or a good ol pot of water? Do you use tea bags or an infuser?

The list is LONG on all the different ways to brew your tea. Some rituals are based on tradition while others ritual might look like the Sunday morning cup on the go. 

I brewed 2 cups of our Organic Sleep Tea before bed and just observed the subtle differences between the cups. One cup I used a tea bag and the other an infuser. 

On my infuser cup, as soon I popped the infuser into the water the escapee leaves danced around the cup. 

With my Tea bag cup, it was much less peaceful I suppose, with no leaves rushing to dance in the water. This cup did however brew quicker! 

It truly is preference, one a quicker result and the other a more satisfying result both equally as beneficial for you!


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Until next week,

Ash Rojas

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