Holy hell..week 2!

With Easter coming up our parents have been sending out Easter presents like candy which is awesome BUT I underestimated the love.😅

I walk in to pick up a package and here magically appears 4.. 4 packages, 2 kids, and 2 hands! I met the most amazing couple that obviously could see I was struggling because Kai was refusing to walk and Isla, my little helper she is already had a package. Dave and Chris I am forever grateful! They stopped me, helped me to the car and were the nicest people I have probably ever met hahaha if I was back home in Cali yes somebody may have helped me but it felt so genuine and new to me..

I also have apparently never witnessed a real thunder storm! It is CONSTANT and the lightning is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful and scary at the same time 🙃

We adventured off to Brenham,TX to meet up with friends from Austin. We met at a local brewery, cute little playground for the girls and a very solid line up. We weren’t there long but so far I can’t complain about our decision to move!

Jesse and I are still looking at properties which seem to be going as fast as we find them but that just means it’s not meant to be and apart of the process. We have been working with our super, super, amazing agent Amanda since December now so thankfully we are not discouraged just being patient.

Once we find our home I’m so excited to share it with you! It’s been very hectic but please bear with me, I’m still collecting content and adjusting to this new environment!

Wishing you well!

 Happy Easter!🐣 

Chat with us for goodies, as always!

Until next week,

Ashley Rojas

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